DAY BIRGER ET MIKKELSEN is a modern, classic, ethnic look full of intriguing contrasts, in a sexy, stylish expression. From exotic influences to the shimmery glamour of vintage styles. To tailoring inspired by men’s styling to inventive silhouettes. Timeless designs appealing to the creative spirit of metropolitan bohemians everywhere.


Our approach to fashion is all about fusion. Where we blend opposite ends of the style spectrum. Such as refined lines with raw edges. Something romantic with something minimalistic. Unadorned items with embellished accents. A look that’s sharp versus soft. Graphic versus poetic. Where East meets West with a Scandinavian twist.

Everyday Couture

It all comes together beautifully in our unique way of creating EVERYDAY COUTURE. Featuring luxurious fabrics in silk, satin and velvet. Handmade ethnic prints, beading, sequins and embroidery inspired by travels to the Far East.

You’ll find a vast range of versatile styles you can choose as wardrobe fundamentals, eveningwear and elegant occasion wear. Including forever items you’ll be glad you had. Feel free to spontaneously mix and match to create your personal look.

This is your chance to re-invent yourself. And explore your own inner elegance.