Marianne Brandi is the creative spirit and head of design behind DAY HOME, our interior and lifestyle collection from DAY BIRGER ET MIKKELSEN. A line of warm and inviting objects to adorn your home. Inspired by her travels to Morocco, India, Africa, China, Indonesia and the Caribbean. Exotic places where there’s a tradition for craftsmanship. All styled with a minimalistic, Scandinavian take on décor - with a bohemian accent.

Multi-cultural mix

Launched in 2005, our HOME collection has blossomed into an extensive line of decorative items from around the world. A multi-cultural mix of natural, tactile materials, such as wood, wicker, horn, stone and ceramics. Textiles like luscious velvet, linen, cotton and wool with amazing patterns, prints and details in all sorts of colour combinations. Including loads of stunning silver-plated pieces.

Daily couture for your home

DAY HOME is all about being surrounded the exquisite souvenirs and mementos from your travels. Like daily couture for your home.

We hope you find something that makes you truly look forward to coming home.