At 2ND DAY, our design ethos is all about creating clothes for free-spirited young women who are feisty, feminine and unafraid to go their own way. If it’s true that you are what you wear, we invite you to explore the rebel in you. Choosing from coats and jackets with an underground vibe that will take you from daytime to that cool dance club by night.

Deconstruction is the design dictate in asymmetrical shapes from slim to oversized. Look for rock chick cuts. Worn out effects in classic leather jackets. Soft suede. Loads of trim. Cool capes and an 80’s take on colours. Punk makes a comeback on decorative zippers. Add street cred wearing 2ND DAY jeans with a 2ND skin fit. And jewellery with edgy icons. Slip on or tribal print dress with a little leather bag - and walk the talk.

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24 styles
24 styles