Fashion jeans are deep in our 2ND DAY DNA. The epitome of anti everything, jeans are the quintessence of a rebel with or without a cause. We’re at the forefront of the denim revolution, bringing you the newest innovations in five fab fits. When it comes to 2ND skin jeggings, nobody does it better. Or our Sally fit, a slim stretch denim in shiney metallic finishes.

Contrast that tight, narrow look with a voluminous blouse, classic blazer and high-altitude heels. Try our looser, low crotch jeans inspired by your ex, but hemmed to be ¾ length. Add a belt, a silky top, some bangles for a femme factor. Don’t miss our spray paint like coated finishes. A ripped and torn look inspired by grunge. Or our modernistic mix with other fabrics, extra zippers and cut lines. Ready for you to create your own anti statement.


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17 styles
17 styles