Punctuate your style with 2ND DAY accessories designed as daily essentials and late night necessities on the dance floor. Opt for laid-back looks in love worn textures in our leather and suede bags. From discretely petite to nonchalant shoulder bags with zips and fringe to “I’m away for the weekend I’ll call you back” bags.

Scarves are a mega must for any season in all kinds of classic, minimalistic and ethnic expressions you can wear any which way. Buckle up with silhouette-sculpting belts in worn out, 2ND hand effects or wrap around styles to make a voluminous top or dress more bodycon. Jewellery swings from simple oxidised chain necklaces to ethnic bracelets you can stack on each arm to hardcore accents, like iconic skulls with perennial rock ‘n’ roll appeal.


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14 styles
14 styles