About 2NDDAY

2NDDAY is a Danish progressive women’s wear label standing on a foundation of leather, tailoring and denim with an excellent fit and quality.

2NDDAY’s raw elegance builds on a clean and arty aesthetic: the collections are contemporary and daring.

The 2NDDAY brand promise

We are breaking the rules. We want to be where we have not been before. We want to see what we have not seen before.

The 2NDDAY brand experience

Tempted and teased.

To create is to destroy!

Life is about getting up and out of your chair and doing something. It is about doing nothing. Making a mess. Moving your hand and your body. Leaving a mark. It is about doing. Action. Finishing. Experimenting. Trying something. Immersing. It is about absurdity. A creation. Evidence that you exist. Using materials. Destruction. It is about fun. Doing the opposite. Breaking the rules. It is about ideas. Getting dirty. Making mistakes. I’m going to ask you to make a mark and it is going to be messy. Don’t worry about that. That’s the point.